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47,49 EUR*
Details Global Marketplace for Private Health Insurance: Strength in Numbers

Global Marketplace for Private Health Insurance Rich or poor, countries around the globe are struggling to find a way to pay for health care. The authors of this book present a compelling analysis that shows private health insurance can play a role in ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Market Matters: Exploring Cultural Processes in the Global Marketplace

Market Matters Globalization of trade and organizational change increase the impact of markets in people's lives. But in what ways do markets matter? This book is about how financial analysts, marketing people, corporate leaders and other actors in ...

22,31 EUR*
Details Reading Minds and Markets: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Returns in a Volatile Global Marketplace

Reading Minds and Markets Explaining how to use global macro investing techniques to deliver consistently superior results, Ablin and top financial journalist McGee distill the techniques into a remarkably simple, common sense five-step plan that any ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Marketplace 3.0: Rewriting the Rules of Borderless Business

Hiroshi Mikitani, founder of e-commerce giant Rakuten, has seen the next battleground in the fight for the future of the Internet. Today's major e-commerce players are quietly building borderless platforms that are overturning the global brick-and ...

28,25 EUR*
Details Karma Queens, Geek Gods, and Innerpreneurs: Meet the 9 Consumer Types Shaping Today's Marketplace

What really makes consumers tick? It's a question every marketer, innovator, entrepreneur, or trend-watcher strives to answer-especially in an age when certain types of consumers are increasingly instrumental in shaping national and even global buying ...

68,99 EUR*
Details Business Architecture: A Practical Guide

Organizations today exist in an environment of unprecedented change. They do so against a backdrop of a global, competitive marketplace, the fast-paced enablement of technology, amplified regulation and accelerating organizational complexity. Many ...

53,81 EUR*
Details Economic Origins of Roman Christianity

In the global marketplace of ideas, few realms spark as much conflict as religion. For millions of people, it is an integral part of everyday life as reflected by a widely divergent supply of practices and philosophical perspectives. Yet, historically ...

27,88 EUR*
Details Fashioning Models: Image, Text and Industry

Fashioning Models This volume presents a cutting-edge examination of modelling through race, class and gender, as well as its structure as an aesthetic marketplace within the global fashion economy. Accessible and highly engaging, Fashioning Models is ...

23,92 EUR*
Details Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets: How to Blitz Your Competition

A complete course on the rules of marketing for today's climate In this fast-paced, cluttered, and global marketplace, new influences are constantly affecting your business. Today's sophisticated consumers are searching for products that meet an ...

16,83 EUR*
Details Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to be Nice

To be successful in the 21st century global marketplace you need many things: determination, well-articulated goals, and a bit of luck. But more than anything else, you need kindness. Kindness becomes the key business asset when you couple a caring ...

24,08 EUR*
Details The Renaissance Society: How the Shift from Dream Society to the Age of Individual Control will Change the Way You Do Business

Guides you through tomorrow's hottest trends to help you: make an emotional connection to your customers; create a value-driven company that engages your employees; adjust your business strategy for a flatter, global marketplace; reward individual ...